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HoloLens, Microsoft, VR and Apple

04 Feb 2017

I am really looking forward to a HoloLens event at tretton17 next week, where Jimmy Engström will demonstrate this awesome piece of technology: Read more »

HoloLens, Microsoft, VR and Apple

04 Feb 2017

I am really looking forward to a HoloLens event at tretton17 next week, where Jimmy Engström will demonstrate this awesome piece of technology: Read more »

Problems with running Quick and Nimble on code in development CocoaPod

31 Jan 2017

When creating new CocoaPods, I use Quick as my test runner and Nimble for assertion. They are great libraries that really speed up writing tests for my pods. Read more »

git autocompletion in OSX Terminal

26 Jan 2017

After procrastinating for too long, I finally decided to spend one minute of my life to setup git autocomplete on my work computer. Read more »

New year, new habits

23 Jan 2017

I finally made it! After years and years of “I really shouldn’t”, I finally got around to abandon my old hosting provider and move all my sites to GitHub. Read more »

UIImageView is pixelated after applying an async image

10 Nov 2016

In a project that I’m currently working on, I load images asynchronously into an UIImageView. As the download starts, I apply a placeholder image from the bundle to the image view, to indicate that no image has yet been downloaded. Read more »

Reset Xcode "load plugin bundles" warning

05 Sep 2016

Today, I managed to click the “Skip Bundles” button instead of the “Load Bundles” button, when I started up Xcode after adding two new plugins. Read more »

.NET Core notes to self

26 May 2016

I have been playing around with .NET Core since the early betas, but since I do so with rather long times in between, things break each time I decide to pick up from where I started. Read more »

Ionic 2 - Build Configuration-Specific Application Settings

12 May 2016

In an Ionic 2 app that I am building for iOS and Android, I want to use different application settings for different build configurations. For instance, I want to use different api endpoints for development and production apps, disable tracking for development apps, disable logging for production apps etc. Read more »

Upgrade .NET Core RC to 1.0

20 Apr 2016

With the release of Visual Studio Code 1.0, I decided to upgrade the .NET Core software I had installed to the latest version. However, the older versions were not properly replaced when upgrading, which did cause Visual Studio Code and Omnisharp to behave quite strange. Read more »

Reload DNX whenever a file changes

17 Dec 2015

I am currently developing a console app in .NET Core on my Mac. It’s a rather nice experience, although I miss a lot of stuff from Visual Studio - expecially R#. Read more »

Setup DNX on OS X

17 Dec 2015

After so much waiting, so many “I’ll do this first”, so much app coding etc. etc. (yep, I blame my family as well), I finally managed to start playing around with DNX and ASP.NET 5. Read more »

Update the title of an MKAnnotation

17 Sep 2015

In an app that I am building, I have a map where users can save personal content and present it in a beauuutiful way. Ok, enough with the sales pitch. Read more »

ASP.NET and WebApi attributes with StructureMap

11 Sep 2015

After some time away from .NET, ASP.NET and WebApi, I’m having a great time when setting up a new WebApi solution for a project at work. Read more »

sudo is required for all Ionic and Cordova commands

26 Aug 2015

I am currently building my very first app with Ionic Framework. So far, Ionic is super fast to setup and performs really well, so I hope performance doesn’t drop once we begin to add images and content to the app. Read more »

Xcode 6.3.1 - Code object is not signed at all

04 May 2015

After upgrading to Xcode 6.3.1, I got a new error that I haven’t received before: Read more »

Swift return does not work with line breaks

10 Sep 2014

I am currently porting some iOS games from Objective-C to Swift, which involves rewriting a lot of code. While doing this, I stumbled upon something interesting. Read more »

Using Swift protocols in Objective-C

04 Sep 2014

I am currently creating two new games for iOS. One is made in Swift and SpriteKit, while the other is made in Objective-C and UIKit. Read more »

IoC in iOS

04 Sep 2014

UPDATE 2017-01-25: Since I wrote this post, much better alternatives are now available for Swift. My favorite is Dip. A second option is Swinject. I really like Dip, but you should check out both and see which suits you best. Read more »

Using Crittercism for iOS crash reporting

02 Jul 2014

Note: Crittercism has shut down. A great alternative to Crittercism, in 2017, is Fabric. Read more »