Cineasterna is a Swedish streaming video with content from public libraries. Users can loan movies for free with their public library card.

Screenshot from the Cineasterna iPad app

I helped Cineasterna develop apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, as a complement to their web-based streaming. I developed the apps from scratch and therefore had the luxury of being able to pick the latest technologies and target the latest platform versions.

The apps let users browse curated content in vertically scrolling shelves and explore the total movie stock through filters and search. Users can also manage their favorite movies, switch between libraries and loan/watch any movie they like.

The app syncs data between devices and remembers movie position (locally only) when a user resumes a previous watch. The iOS app for iPhone and iPad also supports AirPlay and Chromecast.


The apps are written in SwiftUI 2, which is a declarative UI framework from Apple, and use Combine for data management. The apps target the latest platform versions (iOS/iPadOS 14, tvOS 14).