Cineasterna is a Swedish streaming video service that features movies from public libraries. Users can use Cineasterna to loan movies for free using their public library card.

Screenshot from the Cineasterna iPad app

I worked together with Cineasterna to develop brand new apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. The apps let users loan and watch movies with their user accounts or library cards.

Besides loaning and watching movies, users can discover curated content in vertically scrolling shelves, apply filter to and search in the total movie stock as well as managing favorite movies.

The app syncs data between devices and remembers movie position when the user resumes a previous watch. The iOS app for iPhone and iPad also supports AirPlay and Chromecast.


The apps are written in SwiftUI, which is a declarative UI framework from Apple. This drastically reduced the amount of code and time that was required to develop these apps.