2020 - swift swiftui ios tvos video streaming airplay chromecast

Cineasterna is a video streaming service that lets users watch movies for free with a public library card. The service is available in Sweden, Norway & Finland.Cineasterna logo

After being a Cineasterna user for many years, I approached them in 2020, due to the lack of native apps. After a demo, they trusted me with developing a first app for tvOS:

Screenshot from the Cineasterna iPad app

Once the tvOS app was out, we could reuse much of it to build an app for iOS & iPadOS:

Screenshot from the Cineasterna iPad app

The Cineasterna app lets people browse movies in shelves & grids, manage their favorites and watch any movies they like for free.

The app syncs data between devices and remembers movie position to let people resume a previous watch. The iOS app also supports AirPlay & Chromecast.

Since these apps, Cineasterna has trusted my company with the Android app as well. This app is developed by the Studio Violet, with me as project lead.