• 1999 - 2000
  • Metal

  • Daniel Saidi (Vocals, Guitar & Bass)
  • Victor Larsson (Guitar)
  • Tomas Modin (Drums)
  • Andreas Baglien (Bass)
  • Jonas Burwall (Chorus)
  • Karin Elfversson (Violins on "After Seven Days")
  • Kristin Elfversson (Violins on "After Seven Days")
  • Emma Nordgren (Violins on "After Seven Days")
  • Angelica Thelin (Vocals on "Idol Enslaved")
  • Mattias Thörnell (Keyboards on "Idol Enslaved")
  • Magnus Ventinen (Organ on "Idol Enslaved")

I formed Eblis in 1999 and was lucky to get the insanely talented Victor Larsson and Tomas Modin to join. In the studio, we got help from many local talents, which made our studio time very special and creative. One time, ‘Idol Enslaved’ procuder Magnus Ventinen said “I’ll be back” and disappeared for hours, just to return with an old Hammond organ in mint condition. He though it would sound great in one of the songs. It did.




After Seven Days • 1999

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Idol Enslaved • 2000

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