Talks & Workshops

Here is a list of some talks and workshops that I have given at conferences, meetups, events etc. I enjoy it, but am not actively reaching out, sending in papers etc. It happens when it happens.

Building a Video App for tvOS in SwiftUI

I gave this workshop at the try! Swift World online workshop conference 2021. In the workshop we look at how to build a video streaming app for tvOS, using SwiftUI and Combine. We create an app that lists movies in shelves and grids and a movie detail page that lets us watch the movie and mark it as a favorite. We will look at current SwiftUI performance problems on tvOS and how to work around them.

Distributing closed-source software with SPM

I gave this workshop at two occasions at the try! Swift World online workshop conference 2021. In the workshop, we look at how to use the Swift Package Manager (SPM) to distribute closed-source software and use it to protect your most valuable secrets.

Get Swifty!

In this talk, we go through the Swift programming language and look at its syntax and various building blocks. We'll live code around the Swift foundation, then use what we have learned to build an app in both UIKit and SwiftUI.

Coordinating Async Operations

In this talk, we look at how to coordinate multiple concurrent and serial async operations by composing protocols and implementations. Together, we create a fully tested solution that is easy to use, read and understand.

Peek & Pop

In this talk, we look at how to use peek & pop on iOS devices with 3D Touch support. We also look at how to use preview actions to add even more power to your peekable content.

Abstract, Extract

In this talk, we look at how abstractions and libraries can help you untie that big ball of twine that is your unmaintanable source code. We look at some common code smells and how to detect problems in time.

Alamofire Bonanza

In this talk, we look at how to use Alamofire to fetch data from an external api, map it to a local model with AlamofireObjectMapper, adapt outgoing requests, retry failing requests, build an offline cache with Realm and use the decorator pattern to build offline support.

Christmas Stuffing

This talk is a traditional Swedish Christmas korvstoppning (sausage stuffing), which is also the Swedish name for cramming in a lot of knowledge in a short time. In this quick lightning talk, I go through 10 iOS productivity boosters in 10 minutes.

Hobby Projects Always!

I gave this talk to a Chinese group of college board representatives. I talked about how hobby projects can bring happiness, friendship and creativity and how amazing I think it is to create things together with others, be it music, fanzines or apps. I then talked about some collaborative projects, where my family worked with family members in San Francisco, that we had never met before, to make apps for children.

Hybrid Apps

In this talk, we take a look at how Apple's vision of 3rd party iOS apps went from mobile web browser experiences to the native apps we have today. We then go through a case study on how a Swedish high-profile company replaced their native apps with custom-made, hybrid apps that wrapped their new responsive web site.