Daniel Saidi

1998 - pop rock folk

I have always loved music and written songs since I was a kid. I started my first band at 15 and recorded a bunch of demos and an EP at 18 and a full-length album at 20.

I have played everything from pop to rock and metal, done vocals in all bands and guitars in some. I did stop playing bands when I became a dad in 2008, and have since then only done if for fun, whenever I do have time. The music I play on my own is guitar-based and pretty basic.


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Spring Takes

  1. 1. Forgettable Lyrics
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Lake City Stories

  1. 1. Hard To Write Song Lyrics
  2. 2. The Way You Love Me Lyrics
  3. 3. Paranoid Park Lyrics
  4. 4. Waited Too Long Lyrics
  5. 5. Side By Side Lyrics
  6. 6. Side By Side (Rob F Remix)
  7. 7. Side By Side (Super D Remix)
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En röd debut

  1. 1. Min ensamhet Lyrics
  2. 2. En röd debut Lyrics
  3. 3. Allt för oss Lyrics
  4. 4. Ideal Lyrics
  5. 5. Mot asfalten Lyrics
  6. 6. Salta sår Lyrics
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  1. 1. I skuggorna dold Lyrics
  2. 2. Glömd Lyrics