1995 - 1999 black-metal death-metal

I sang in Misfortune between 1995 and 1999. We started off as a Pantera-influenced band, but soon pivoted to the sounds of bands like At the Gates, Carcass and Dissection.

As a result, our second demo “Midnightenlightened” sounded a lot different from the first. It received great reviews and was released as an EP by Blackened / Plastic Head. Our album “Forsaken” was released in 1999. The songs are great, but the recording suffered from technical problems that made them flat compared to their original arrangements.


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  1. 1. Forsaken Lyrics
  2. 2. A Scenery of Despair Lyrics
  3. 3. Rape of Bewildered Dreams Lyrics
  4. 4. In Mating Lyrics
  5. 5. Burn! Lyrics
  6. 6. Through Chaos Fulfilled Lyrics
  7. 7. A Realm of the Unblessed Lyrics
  8. 8. Apostates of Hate Lyrics
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  1. 1. The Prophecy Lyrics
  2. 2. Midnightenlightened Lyrics
  3. 3. Pain Unbearable Lyrics