Reload DNX whenever a file changes

I am currently developing a console app in .NET Core on my Mac. It’s a rather nice experience, although I miss a lot of stuff from Visual Studio - expecially R#.

In Visual Studio Code, I find it tedious to write a bunch of code, then having to leave Visual Studio Code to run dnx run from the terminal to verify that my code compiles, then run dnx test to verify that my unit tests still pass.

Luckily, there is a tool called dnx-watch, that will reload dnx as soon as any file in your project changes.

To install dnx-watch, make sure that you have updated your stack with the latest versions, using dnvm, then install dnx-watch with this command:

dnu commands install Microsoft.Dnx.Watcher 1.0.0

In my console app, I have a console app project and a test project. Since the test project runs code from the app project, I just have to run dnx-watch test in the test project’s root folder. dnx-watch will then fire as soon as I change a file in either the app or the test project.

I can now stay in Visual Studio Code, write a bunch of code and see my tests run each time I save a file in either project.