2021 - swift swiftui ios macos closed-source keyboard-extension

Oribi develops powerful spelling aids and language support for the digital and physical world, including word prediction, spell checking, voice synthesizing and more.

Oribi logo

Oribi reached out to me regarding my KeyboardKit project, and asked me to develop a custom keyboard app that makes use of their amazing technology.

The first product I developed for Oribi was oKeyboard, which is a custom keyboard for iOS and iPadOS that applies Oribi’s autocomplete, spellchecking and text-to-speech on top of the KeyboardKit engine.


As part of the oKeyboard project, I also structured Oribi’s tools into separate libraries, which makes it easy to combine and use them in any app that use Oribi technologies.

After oKeyboard, I was trusted to upgrade their text editor for iPad - Oribi Writer - to a document-based app that is written in Swift and SwiftUI.

Oribi Writer

The new Oribi Writer builds on the powerful capabilities of document-based apps, and supports both iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

Thanks to Oribi, I was able to let KeyboardKit evolve as part of making oKeyboard great. Big thanks to Oribi for sponsporing KeyboardKit!