2021 - swift swiftui ios macos closed-source keyboard-extension

Oribi develops powerful spelling aids and other types of language support for the digital and physical world. They provide tools like word prediction, spell checking, voice synthesizing and more.

Oribi logo

Oribi first hired me for keyboard-related work and are heavily sponsoring my KeyboardKit open source project, which has been drastically improved during this project.


The first product I developed for Oribi was oKeyboard, which is a custom keyboard for iOS and iPadOS. It builds on KeyboardKit and adds features like autocomplete, spellchecking, text-to-speech etc.


As part of oKeyboard, I implemented much of Oribi’s various tools in standalone libraries, which makes it easy to compose functionality in apps that make use of their technologies.


After wrapping up oKeyboard and freelancing for Bambuser for 6 months, I rejoined Oribi to bump their text editor for iOS - OribiWriter - to a document-based app written in Swift and SwiftUI 3.

Oribi Writer

The new version shipped in early 2022 and leverages much of Oribi’s features in a convenient text editor. At the time of writing, Oribi Writer is also being developed for macOS.


Thanks to Oribi, KeyboardKit has evolved a lot, with many new features being developed for both the core foundation and the SwiftUI parts of the library. Big thanks to Oribi for sponsporing KeyboardKit!