Quotes Deck Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for Quotes Deck (hereby referred to as “the app”). This policy explains how we collect and use data in the app.

Whenever this policy mentions “personal data”, it refers to data that directly or indirectly may be used to identify you as an individual. Whenever this policy mentions “anonymous data”, it refer to data that can not be used to identify you as an individual.

This policy may be updated when new features are added to the app. Whenever that happens, we will mention it in the release notes, so that you have the chance to review the updated policy before installing the update.


In short, this policy states the following:

  • The app does not collect any personal data
  • The only personal data handled by the app is e-mails you send to us
  • We will not sell any collected data to third parties

For more details on this, please see the remainder of the document.

How data is collected

The app collects data when you use it to send us suggestions, feedback or error reports as e-mails. It may also collect anonymous usage data, e.g. how often it is used.

How data is used

The usage data is used to improve the app. Suggestions, feedback and error reports sent by users are deleted when they are no longer relevant, e.g. when answered or implemented.

How data is shared

The app only shares collected, anonymous usage data with analytics tools. The app does not share incoming e-mails. We will not share your personal data with any third party unless you have given us permission.

Means of communication

Any need to communicate any work carried out as a result of collected data is handled in the release notes, when releasing new versions of the app. We also answer e-mails.