The Rakveres

  • 2000 - 2001
  • Rock

  • Daniel Saidi (Vocals)
  • Johan Enlund (Guitar)
  • Stefan Pettersson (Guitar)
  • Anders Bernhardsson (Bass)
  • Erik Jansson (Drums)

I joined Rakveres in 2001. We started off covering bands like Weezer, Danzig and Nirvana, but soon begun writing our own songs, of which four were recorded.

Rakveres was a really fun band to play in and the band with which I wrote one of my best songs. ‘Sweet Girls’ was written on a boring boat trip between Estonia and Sweden, as we tried to kill boredom with beer. It worked.


Stefan, Daniel, Erik, Anders, Johan
Stefan, Erik, Anders, Johan, Daniel
Stefan, Erik, Anders, Johan, Daniel


The Rakveres • 2001

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