Apostates Of Hate

When angels bleed,
when feathers fall in moaning,
when divinity
is stained by their selfish deeds
He commands,
they stand ready -
“We will follow you”
Tells them what to do
in order to prove their devotion

Infecting from within,
infecting their souls
Ancient manifestation of evil,
bring them into your world!
Bring us into your world!

The god of rage -
ancient king of Inferno -
contorts the creations of God
into apostates of hate

A march through barriers of deeds,
a march through ancient lands,
an aiming to reach the dimension
where the final battle’ll stand
Fallen angels with broken wings
and weapon in hands

God’s servants,
defenders of lies
God’s servants,
it’s time to die

Paradise, the kingdom of lies,
is vanishing in flames
Behold the apostates of hate!

Pale skin reflect the apocalypse,
the reign of hatred begins

Infected from within,
many infected souls
An ancient manifestation of evil
steps into our world
I step into this world