The Prophecy

Forged in fire by the hellspawns,
then kept in earth for several eons,
then carried further by the cold winds
to the riverdales in the north
Black waters of frustration -
the result of a dying world’s despair
And as the elements came together,
it’s body was grinded
by the waters of the damned

A talisman of evil mind,
enslaving souls - end of mankind

And so the black crystal of agony
fulfills the foreseen prophecy
The keeper this crimson stone
will possess the dark throne

Carried on along the battlefield
as the weapon of dark rebirth
Bringing life to ancient warriors
rising from the blood-soaked earth
The night devours the sunlight
to the hymns of resignation
Human slaughter
Extensive desolation

Once foretold - now fulfilled
Behold the blood that’s been spilled
Written down centuries ago

But the priests ignored the prophecy
There would be no extinction of humanity
The dark son of the elements
would never appear,
the world will see

Now they are adoring the path
around the stronghold
Hung up in their own guts
Blind eyes search for the way to heaven

The shadows are drenching the world,
from the stronghold they’re rising
Enslaving humans that stand in their way,
the way to ultimate darkness