Set ablaze in the night
The full moon is rising, enlightening the sky
My skin gets charred as I burn
Still my thoughts are dedicated to the past

The flames burn my eyes
Won’t allow me to die
It’s hard to see what is real
So hard to feel
Nailed up at this mountainside
Far from home
I search inside for a place to hide

But now I see through the lies
Through my melted eyes
Flames set me free
Burn this shell and allow me to drift away

I gave to myself
What was meant for their lord
Couldn’t find any sense in their belief
I defiled their church
By the nature of my belief
And as I burn I scream in the night
I held the truth they couldn’t handle
Now I’m punished for their sins
But as I burn I still know that I’m right

Set ablaze in the night

As the morning arrives
The sun is rising, enlightening the sky
Been dead since long
But still my soul is free
I’m moving on

Below me I see the people I will
Swear my revenge upon
A baptism of fire, in fire, in flames
I’m fulfilling what they begun

They’ve defiled their church
By their unholy deeds
And as they burn I laugh in the sunlight
I hold the truth they cannot handle
Now they’re punished for their sins
And as they burn they will know that I’m right

Set ablaze in the sunlight