A Realm of the Unblessed

Her tears wash away
The footsteps he left on the ground
As he sets sail for victory
The sails tear the ocean and sky apart
Cut a scar in her hear
She told him to beware, to take care
That the land was a realm of the unblessed

And now his azure-blue eyes
Witness how they get baptized
As he’s nailed to the wall before the altar
The maiden’s dreams
Will wash them clean,
As believers are drowned in the blood of virgins

Forgotten through centuries they’ve been
He came to bless their sins

But now they’re lowering the casket
Down into the ground
Letting no light in
Letting no memories out
Believer, you won’t bless the unblessed
So just make sure to save yourself

Silence louder
Silence louder than
Silence louder than all

How many years have passed him by?
Well, he’s still alive
Can’t tell the fantasies from reality
When all he can see is
His past woven in dreams