Sunsetting the Pickup, Prank & Quote Deck Apps

Jan 3, 2024 · Follow on Twitter and Mastodon general

After keeping the Pickup Deck, Prank Deck & Quote Deck apps alive for 12 years, I’m now sunsetting them to let me focus on fewer things.

I created these apps with friends many years ago, with an idea to create card-based apps.

Each app has a database with items that share a common model, to let all apps share the same app foundation. Each app lets you swipe through its items as a deck of cards, mark items as favorites, etc.

Over time, maintaining many small apps alive proved neither fun or sustainable, so I made them free and kept polishing them over time, etc.

These apps laid the foundation to other apps like Lunchrrrrr, and an open-source project called DeckKit. So while these apps say goodbye, their legacy will live on.

It’s crazy to think how these kind of apps were once a thing, and that people actually DID paid for them. 🤯

If you want to try the apps before I remove them, you can download Pickup Deck, Prank Deck, and Quote Deck from the App Store all through January.

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