Problems with Quick, Nimble and CocoaPods

Jan 31, 2017 · Follow on Twitter and Mastodon swiftcocoapodstesting

When creating Swift libraries, I use Quick for tests and Nimble for assertions. They are great tools that really speed up writing tests. However, they don’t always play well with CocoaPods.

When creating new pods with CocoaPods 1.1.1, Quick 1.0 and Nimble 5.0 and 6.0, I ran into problems with getting my tests to work. First of all, creating new pods with the CocoaPods CLI still generates old projects that aren’t prepared for Swift 3. This means that you have to replace Quick and Nimble with new versions, migrate the code then run pod install once more to get the latest Swift 3 prepared pod versions added to your project.

If you now open the generated workspace, you’ll find that the default Quick test file will run perfectly well. However, as soon as I imported the development pod and tried to write tests for my pod, Quick just stopped working. It just cancelled and said that all tests were successfully executed, but didn’t run a single one. Instead, it left all tests in the state they were in after the last test run that actually did execute.

This means that if your last executed test run resulted in all green lights, any failing tests will still result in a green test suite. Likewise, if the last run resulted in some errors and you then fix the errors, Quick will still claim that some tests failed, even though it didn’t run any tests at all.

I could only get the unit tests to work by deleting the CocoaPods-generated test project and create a new test target with Xcode. I could now write tests for the development pod code with Quick and Nimble and successfully run them.

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