Reset Xcode load plugin bundles warning

Today, I managed to click the “Skip Bundles” button instead of the “Load Bundles” button, when I started up Xcode after adding two new plugins.

With that highlighted, blue button, can you blame me?

Xcode Load Plugin Bundles Warning Dialog

If you too have managed to make this mistake, you may have noticed that killing and restarting Xcode will not solve the problem - the plugins won’t load and you are never again prompted about these plugins.

So, if you really want to load these bundles, you have to resort to the Terminal. Open up the terminal and enter the following command:

defaults delete DVTPlugInManagerNonApplePlugIns-Xcode-7.3.1

Then restart Xcode and you will once more be prompted about loading these bundles. This time, press “Load Bundles”! Unless you really enjoyed all this nice work.