Android Glossary

Jul 31, 2013 android

I’m currently getting started with Android development, which means that I have a lot of new stuff to memorize. It’s so obvious that the biggest challenge with learning a new language is not the syntax itself, but the tools and conventions. Let’s look at some acronyms that are worth remembering.

Image of an Android teacher

Below is a list of some Android acronyms that I have stumbled upon while reading the Android Developer Guidelines:

  • AAPT - Android Asset Packaging Tool
  • ADB - Android Debug Bridge (enables debugging on emulator or device)
  • ADK - Accessory Development Kit
  • ADM - Android Debug Monitor
  • ADT - Android Developer Tools
  • AIDL - Android Interface Definition Language
  • ANT - Another Neat Tool (build tool)
  • APK - Android Application Package (like an .msi file)
  • AVD - Android Virtual Device
  • BMGR - Backup Manager
  • CAB - Contextual Action Bar
  • DDMS - Dalvik Debug Monitor Service
  • DEX - Dalvik Executable
  • DVM - Dalvik Virtual Machine
  • GPB - Google Play Billing (like iOS IAP)
  • JDWP - Java Debug Wire Protocol
  • MMU - Memory-management unit
  • NDK - Native Development Toolkit

If you, like me, is an Android n00b, I really recommend reading through the Android knowledge base.