New legal label in MKMapView

Apr 15, 2013 · Follow on Twitter and Mastodon iosgeo

I’m using Google Maps in a couple of iOS apps. Or, at least I was before Apple replaced Google Maps with their own engine. So, now I guess I use Apple Maps. And Apple Maps adds an annoying little label.

I have always admired Apple for their wonderful design, but when it comes to the new MKMapView that is powered by Apple Maps, I find the new legal label annoying:

Apple Maps In Action

Take a look at the lower-left corner. See the nice little round button? Shouldn’t it be even prettier pushed down even more into the corner? Yeah, I know…I think so too. However, that area is occupied by a legal label that Apple for some reason have decided to include.

I haven’t found a way to remove this label with the native MKMapView methods, but managed to find a way to programmatically move it to the bottom-right corner instead, using a custom category:

#import <MapKit/MapKit.h>

@interface MKMapView (LegalLabel)

typedef enum {
    MKMapViewLegalLabelPositionBottomLeft = 0,
    MKMapViewLegalLabelPositionBottomCenter = 1,
    MKMapViewLegalLabelPositionBottomRight = 2,
} MKMapViewLegalLabelPosition;

@property (nonatomic, readonly) UILabel *legalLabel;

- (void)moveLegalLabelToPosition:(MKMapViewLegalLabelPosition)position;

#import "MKMapView+LegalLabel.h"

@implementation MKMapView (LegalLabel)

#pragma mark - Properties

- (UILabel *)legalLabel
    return [self.subviews objectAtIndex:1];

#pragma mark - Public methods

- (void)moveLegalLabelToPosition:(MKMapViewLegalLabelPosition)position
    UILabel *label = self.legalLabel;
    CGPoint point = [self getPointForLabel:label atPosition:position]; = point;

#pragma mark - Private methods

- (CGPoint)getPointForLabel:(UILabel *)label atPosition:(MKMapViewLegalLabelPosition)position
    int x = 0;

    switch (position) {
        case MKMapViewLegalLabelPositionBottomLeft:
            x =;
        case MKMapViewLegalLabelPositionBottomCenter:
            x =;
        case MKMapViewLegalLabelPositionBottomRight:
            x = self.frame.size.width -;

    CGPoint result = CGPointMake(x,;
    return result;


I have used this in an app that got approved, so I guess you can all just use it without being concerned that you do something you’re not allowed to do.

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