Print screen in BootCamp using an Apple keyboard

Jul 7, 2011 macos

I have started to boot up Windows directly from my BootCamp partition on my iMac instead of running it under VMWare Fusion. This way, I don’t have to share resources with the OS X partition, which is nice for gaming, programming etc. There are however some rough edges.

This works really well, but can sometimes be a bit frustrating. For instance, running Windows on an iMac, using an Apple bluetooth keyboard isn’t all that nice.

For instance, I had to take a screen dump. Without OS X keyboard shortcut. Without a PC print screen button. How do you do that? I was at a total loss. The Shift+Fn+F11 combination didn’t work for me, since I had this option enabled:

Boot Camp Control Panel

With this option enabled, neither Shift+Fn+F11 or Shift+F11 work. What did work, however, was:

  • Uncheck the checkbox above.
  • Press Shift+Fn+F11.
  • Enjoy the screen dump.

It’s a bit of a pain, but at least I can now take screenshots like a human being.