onSelectRow fix for jqGrid

Oct 7, 2010 · Follow on Twitter and Mastodon javascript

I love the jqGrid jQuery plugin. If you haven’t tried it, I think you should. However, the onSelectRow event doesn’t work that well. Let’s fix it.

When you look at online demos that describe how to edit a grid row, you may have noticed that after editing a row, you must select a new one before you can edit the first one again.

To fix this, I replaced the original onSelectRow implementation:

onSelectRow: function(id) {
   if (id && id!==lastsel) {

…with this one:

onSelectRow: function(id) {
   if (id) {
      if (id !== lastsel) {
         articleGrid.jqGrid('restoreRow', lastsel);
         articleGrid.jqGrid('editRow', id, true);
         lastsel = id;
      } else {
         articleGrid.jqGrid('restoreRow', lastsel);
         lastsel = "";

With this tiny adjustment, the grid now behaves a lot more like I want it to.

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