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Sep 21, 2010 typographycssweb

The time has finally come to throw Arial and Verdana into the trash (Helvetica can stay for a while), as Monotype, Linotype and ITC (and others) have teamed up to develop a really cool service - web fonts! lets you use over 7,500 fonts on your sites. The result isn’t images, but markable, search engine friendly text.

To get started, visit and register as a user. You’ll then be able to create projects, to which you can add custom fonts. After that, you can bind the fonts to your CSS elements, classes and id:s and paste the generated JavaScript into your site’s source code.

Web fonts is free up to a certain amount of page hits, but the free account will not give you access to all fonts. Still, 1.500 fonts is a great service, so make sure to try it out!