Twitter vs Jaiku

I have been trying out Twitter and Jaiku (a couple of years too late). Since the two services basically do the same thing, I have evaluated which service that is the best fit for my needs. Keeping both accounts would just be a hassle, since I would have to keep both feeds going.

Eventually, I decided to go with Twitter. What made me come to this conclusion?

First of all, the Facebook apps. Twitter crushes Jaiku when it comes to Facebook integration, providing faster and way more reliable updates. Twitter posted each update instantly, while Jaiku only posted 2/6 updates…with a noticable delay.

Second, RSS feeds. The only reason that I decided to try Jaiku, was its ability to hook on to RSS feeds. With that feature now gone, I see no point in keeping the two streams alive simultaneously.

So, Twitter it is…or does Jaiku have an ace up its sleeve? Let me know.