After Seven Days

On the seventh day he created hate,
then the god of creation laid to rest
And as hatred filled the heart of man,
the sane ones were all banned

That is when I arise,
through the thick mist of discontent
I lead the weak onto my way
and give them strength to take on the earth,
to praise my glory

I will rise above the clouds,
bring darkness into this world
I will claim back my former divinity
And as I burn the lands
with their own children set ablaze,
they will make me come alive
Hail the hatred!

I raze the mountains with a wave
and set your holy monuments ablaze
You will join or perish
Enlighten earth with bursting flames
and make mankind bawl my name

We search for answers in our grief
Oh, how we seek
He darkened our way to inner peace,
brought us to our knees

So when the weak ones have had enough,
I raise the dead with a simple touch
They’re alive!
Come to me, kneel before me!
Tonight’s the night of victory

Still searching answers in our grief
Oh, how we seek
Our darkened way brought misery
Forced to our knees

I’m standing tall,
the cause of mankind’s fall
I am the soul since long forgotten
A spawn of my master’s soul,
once created on the seventh day
I am the god since long forgotten
I carve my name in your flesh

All hail the manifestation of hatred!