Voyado is an customer loyalty platform that lets companies connect with their customer base, see sales statistics and much, much more.

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I joined Voyado as Head of Mobile, to develop a mobile strategy for the company. During my time there, I developed a mobile api for mobile clients as well as apps that made use of the api to connect with the Voyado platform.

One such app was an iOS and Android app for Swedish restaurant chain Harrys, that was used to push user-specific offers to users, let users navigate to the nearest restaurant etc.

After a year, Voyado (100% correctly) decided to focus on the core platform (which is mostly backend) and leave mobile integrations to each client. I then decided to leave Voyado for BookBeat.


The mobile api was created in .NET and C# and provided functionality like mobile offers, authentication, SMS integrations etc. It has evolved since I left and to my knowledge is still used for mobile integrations.

The mobile apps were based on Ionic Framework, which I really liked developing in. I created a Voyado-specific layer that could be reused by each new app, much like a mobile SDK.