Tradera is a Swedish e-auction house and marketplace that is currently owned by PayPal. It’s a Swedish version of eBay (previously owned by eBay) that lets user bid on auction items and buy fixed-prices.

Tradera title image


I joined Tradera as backend developer, but shortly became responsible for bringing the mobile apps for iOS and Android back inhouse, from the external agency that previously managed them.

I formed a mobile team together with a PO and two freelance developers. Together, we bumped the apps to modern standards and added requested features.

After getting the mobile apps back on track, I started working on brand new versions, where the goal was to create hybrid apps that could reuse as much as possible from the new, responsive web.


To achieve this, I created a custom-made hybrid framework for iOS and Android, that wrapped the new, responsive web and adjusted it to run as an app, with a custom UI and a configuration engine that was used to “remote configure” the mobile apps.

This made it possible for the mobile apps to display all content from the mobile web, minus content that was explicitly excluded by the configuration engine. The apps also got support for local reminders and push notifications when the user was overbid.

Current state

I left Tradera many years ago. The hybrid apps have since then been replaced with native ones.