October Session

Slow Drown

Been stalking streets for eyes to meet
But the faces I see greet me not
What has happened to us?
I remember a time when we were living

Slow down
We’re losing it

We rush through senseless stress depressed
Far ahead of time itself
Say, where will this end?
I guess we pretend that this is living

So wrong
Still we’re choosing this
Life like there’s all there is
If I’d dare, I’d surely live

And on the throne, let’s place a man
That greets the devil through burned lands
His hands are forcing deals through
So that we’ll feel security

A slow drown
In what we need

This is all there is
For a people lost in high pace

We feed these empty lives
With gadgets made to kill time
Yes, we need a lot of time
To catch up with these soulless lives
Are we too deep within?

Is this all there is?
Are we such slaves to high pace?