now my shiver speaks
of things unseen,
such things that peel the skin off

Case: never happened
Caged: I guess it did
It’s time to peel all dreams off

Betrayed by my shiver,
hell upon me

I turn away,
‘cause I fear my shiver
and swear to never turn again

never had the chance
to do it like,
to do it while it happened

Damned by a shiver
Damn, but not my skin
It’s something deep inside me

Betrayed - not my shiver,
hell inside me

I turn away,
‘cause I damn that shiver
and swear that I will turn again

Brought back by a quiver,
back to walls once seen
to what have been,
to something

It’s not a question about truth
It’s just a wish for something true

It’s not me,
not a shiver
It’s just me
It’s not wish to be like you
It’s just a

So I betray with a shiver,
hell around me

I turn again
and share that shiver
now it’s time to turn away

So, I turn away,
‘cause I’ve shared that shiver
now there’s no need to turn again