Seconds of sliding
Blank expressions meet me in the rain
Sliding once again,
Life is loosing grip

Your friendly words fail
To silence the despair
That slowly puts dead flowers in my hair

Going down

Sick of denying
Faces cannot hide the falling rain
Denying what I am
Life begins to slip

I guess I fear
That someone’s there to take my place
As leaves and fallen flowers hide my face

Going down

Feels like I’m wasting time (I’m just wasting time)
When there’s no more time
I want to be unforgettable (So forgettable)

Leaping, flying
Gravity neglects the falling rain
Trying to find my way
Life has lost its grip

I’d like to break the silence
Shortly if I may
Cause it’s time to put some flowers on my grave

Gone down now

Feels like I’m wasting time (I’m just killing time)
But there’s always time;
Don’t care if I’m forgettable (So forgettable)

There’s no more time
So forget me please