Life Eternal

You claimed that the reason we rush
Is that life is too short
That all that matters is the time we spend
And what we spend it on
I listened, but disagreed
‘Cause life was more to me
But lately I’ve felt the same restlessness
And it stresses me to live

Cause when my youth is gone
I’ll be an empty shell
And I fear that I’ll just waste away
Guess I could count the days to that very day
But no way
Still sane, don’t let me bend

Life eternal

Still, I guess that I somehow
Sometimes still believe
That all it takes is a will to live
And that that will will let you breath
But really, oh, really
We’re all doomed from the day we’re born
Try to do something that matters
And see that it’s just an excuse to live

Cause when our youth is gone
We’ll all be empty shells
Slowly wasting away
Why not just count the days
To that very day?
It’s insane not to bend

Life eternal

Cause it’s over
It is over now
Yes, it’s over,
It is over now

Life eternal