I said you’d break
And you said: “Then let’s break tonight”
Sure, I’d like to break
Break with you tonight
But first I want to see it
I want to see it in your eyes

You said: “Let’s break
Let’s break the silence tonight”
And then I heard it
And joined in on your cries
“We’re still alive”

I said: “Goodbye!
I can’t stay tonight”
And you said: “Goodbye?
You seem unsure tonight”
That’s cause I saw it
Saw the hunger in your eyes

I don’t want to break
But want you to break tonight
I want to hear it
I want to hear your cry
To make sure we’re still alive
This panic soothes me fine
Unsure if we’ll make it home in time

And now I hear it,
And I find pleasure in your cries
Too bad for you you’re still alive,
‘Cause your panic soothes me fine
So let go, let go of this life

Let go of this life