Leaping through the forest
Aching under the moon
It’s beams force my body to grow to a shadow
Of my former self
The one I once was
I can feel a howl grow in my throat

The animal in my arms
I didn’t mean no harm
But still I smashed it to the ground
Dug a hole in it’s throat
And let my teeth slip inside
And as it shivered I feasted on it’s flesh

Leaving the path I walked along
This body don’t belong to a human anymore
Inner temptations have finally broken through
I’m erasing the last remains of man

I still can’t remember receiving this curse
I’ve repressed the memories deep inside
The sins of my fathers live on in my blood
The concretion of two minds hurts

As I’m falling to the ground
A sudden shock of pain
Without an inflictor in sight
Inner emotions like sharp razor knives
As the man struggles on to break free
Once again

The dance of the beast
A beautiful sight in the moonenlightened night

Inner chaos, mind to mind
The instincts of beast
Against the reason of man

The dance continues along paths in the woods
The man-shape now weaker than ever
At midnight it stops with a grin on it’s face
Rising it’s arms
Greeting the haze

Man forever gone
Locked up inside for evermore

By dusk embraced
I leave no trace
Black as night
Out of sight