Brushed Knees

Brushed knees striving through the soil
Brushes hands fighting the shrubs
A brushed body tries to stay alive

Be on your way
Don’t stop to pray
Keep yourself low
If you stop too long
If your not as strong
If you do this wrong
You’ll die
It’s in your tracks
There’s no way back
It will attack

Bruised knees have struggled for too long
Bruised hands with no strength left
A bruised body is slowly giving up

It’s been too long
You’re not as strong
It all went wrong
It’s closing in
You cannot win
All that is left is to cry
One more push
One more shove
One more time

But it’s all to no avail
Another failed attempt
How could ever you hope to prevail
Against this wall of teeth

Broken knees can’t carry you anymore
Broken hands can’t fight nor defend
A broken body is slowly being devoured

It takes too long
It’s way too strong
It won’t let you die
It likes to play
As your skin turns gray
It loves the taste when you cry
One more bite
One more piece
But it leaves your eyes

Shattered knees rattling deep inside
Shattered hands joining the meal
A shattered body is somehow still alive