## Building a tvOS app ### with SwiftUI ![Title](/assets/talks/210427/title_500.png "Title") Daniel Saidi · [@danielsaidi](https://twitter.com/danielsaidi)
# In this workshop Build a tvOS app in SwiftUI Get movies from an API List movies & movie details Watch movies Add and remove favorites
# API OMDb - http://omdbapi.com Very easy to integrate with But lacks important information Therefore, a pretty basic app Simplicity to focus on SwiftUI
# App Screens Discover - List movies by year Favorites - List favorite movies Search - Free text search Movie - Movie details + actions Movie Player - Streams any video url
# SwiftUI + tvOS Limitations Various glitches, e.g. text field Styling, e.g. buttons and text fields Missing components, e.g. search field Focus engine behavior Bad performance in stacks and grids
# Live Coding
# Thank you! ## Questions? Daniel Saidi · [@danielsaidi](https://twitter.com/danielsaidi)