SwiftUIKit 3.4 is out

Aug 7, 2023 swiftuiopen-source

SwiftUIKit 3.4 is out, with new color and color picker tools, new list components, an optional binding and new view styles.

Although SwiftUI gets some great addition each year, with this year being no exception, there is still the occasional need for custom things. I use the SwiftUIKit library as a place where I can add general utilities that still don’t exist in Swift or SwiftUIKit, or where the public APIs lack some functionality.

SwiftUIKit 3.4 adds new hex-based ways to work with colors, as well as a new ColorPickerBar that can be used to add quick color buttons next to a native ColorPicker. This bar supports clear and optional color bindings, and can remove opacity from the native picker.

To make optional bindings possible, I’ve added a new OptionalBinding that lets us use optional values with non-optional bindings.

Other than these additions, SwiftUIKit 3.4 adds new list utilities and new view extensions and styles. For more information, see the project repository and the release notes.