Extended vacation times
Aug 12, 2022 general

As the Swedish summer keeps on delivering, I’m struggling to combine enjoying life with my family and friends with full-time work, open-source projects, a big app rewrite and this blog.

As I wrote in my vacation post, I was planning to be back in action in August. That’s true in some sense, since I work full-time with a client project in parallel with a major iOS 16 / SwiftUI 4 update of an Wally, open-source projects and a bunch of things in KeyboardKit. I however find it hard to focus on this blog at the moment, where coming up with topics have become negative stress that hangs over me instead of being a fun thing that brings energy.

So, instead of burning out, I will chill with this blog for a while. I want it to be lust-driven and not a stress factor, and I’m sure that just writing the most basic posts in the shortest amount of time, just to deliver on a self imposed schedule is not the way to go. I will write new posts whenever I find things to write about, but I will not aim to cover a certain number of posts per week. I’ll tweet whenever I write something worth reading, so make sure to follow me on Twitter if you want to be notified when that happens.

Until I’m back at full blogging capacity, I’m sure that you will find new, exciting content from all parts of the amazing Swift and SwiftUI community.