Denise Jacobs: The Creativity (R)Evolution

The creativity evangelist Denise Jacobs coaches people in the tech field through creativity. In her keynote, she talked about creativity, betterness and habits. She’s a pro-speaker, meaning that her presentation is more or less what you could expect from an “American motivational speaker”. Professional, but so streamlined. Interesting, but leaving you with a feeling of “what did she say…really?”.

Jimmy Nilsson & Jon Gyllensward: Less is more! - When it comes to art and software

My fourth session of the day was a case study from Sirius International, where my old colleague Jon Gyllenswärd and friend and Jimmy Nilsson from factor 10 talked about a two year long change process they managed together. The process involved a complete system redesign, moving to a business optimal code base, cross functional teams and, sometimes controversially, always choosing the simplest solution possible.

Windows 8 Activation Fail

Unlike Apple’s outstanding OS X experience, Microsoft really have to step up the Windows user experience. If you are going to charge a lot of money for people to use your os and require them to activate their copy of Windows, you need to make this work. Not work good, just plain work.