Embed Git Bash into Visual Studio

Apr 4, 2011 archive

I have started to use git in my .NET projects. It works really well, but I’m having problems with integrating it in Visual Studio. Turns out there’s a way to add a Git Bash window to Visual Studio.

Even though I use graphical tools like TFS and AnkhSVN for other version control systems, I don’t like to work with git through Git Extensions. I instead prefer to use the OS X Terminal, which is how I would like to work with git on Windows as well.

I however find it annoying to have the git command prompt in a separate window when working in Visual Studio, when IDE:s like Aptana Studio embeds it so well.

After a quick search, I found an article that shows you how to embed git in Visual Studio, which means that I will hopefully be able to add a git panel bottommost in Visual Studio.