Trying out NDepend

I have been using NDepend to analyze the latest version of my NExtra library. The code is spotless (this is where you should detect the irony), but the analysis is highlighting some interesting design flaws that I should fix in the next version.

Where do I put the logic?

    I could use some advice regarding a project I’m currently working on. It’s a web site where people can sign up and join various groups (did I hear a “Facebook is already doing that”?) and do stuff depending on what groups they belong to.

    Slow iMac about to be fixed?

    I have been having big problems with my iMac 27″ (4GB RAM) that runs Windows 7 on a Boot Camp Partition (using VMWare Fusion). It is basically the same setup as I have on my MacBook Pro (which has 8GB RAM though), with the minor difference that the MBP is fast as lightning and the iMac is slow as HELL!


    My personal WPF WTF list has grown steadily since I started to work with WPF. In my opinion, WPF is filled with bad naming conventions and inconsistencies.

    Hide the close button of a WPF window

    In a WPF application that I am currently working with, I have to be able to hide the close button of a progress window. Instead of being closed by the user (like an alert window or a message box), this progress window should instead be closed by its owner window once its related operation has finished.

    Trying out Plupload

    In a hobby project of mine, I had a really handy UI plugin called FileUploadForm, that could upload any number of files with AJAX. All you needed to do was to add such a form to the page to have it handle the entire upload process automatically.