Getting familiar with PHP 5.3.2

Aug 12, 2010 archive

Since I’m just pretending to be a PHP developer, I only just now started to use PHP 5.3.2. The reason for this is that I just installed Aptana Studio 2, which comes with PHP 5.3.2 installed.

After installing Aptana Studio 2, I tried to execute a build/packagetest for a PHP project of mine, but it didn’t work due to changes in PHP 5.3.2.

First of all, get_class no longer accepts string parameters, so I will have to change all places where I use it. Thank GOD for unit tests! I used get_class in functions where a parameter could either be a string or an object. Instead, I now use is_string, which is a lot cleaner.

I’ve also noticed that parse_ini_file is a bit shaky now. It’s no longer able to parse ini files that end with a row at which a parameter is specified (as in all my previous ini files). The files cannot be parsed, probably since the line feed is considered to be a part of the parameter value.

I solved this by adding an extra, empty line at the end of each ini file. I don’t know why this has changed, since it’s annoying and poses a risk of error in case an ini file doesn’t end with an empty line. I hope that this will change in future versions of PHP.