Using shared libraries in iOS

Feb 4, 2010 iosxcode

After a couple of evenings, my first (really simple) iPhone app is taking shape. However, I’m currently struggling with reusing functionality across apps.

Since I am a .NET developer at heart, it is painfully clear how spoiled I have become by all amazing Visual Studio features. Some things that are natural and easy to accomplish in .NET, does’t come as natural with iOS and Xcode.

One example is to gather reusable functionality in shared libraries, which is not as easy in iOS and Xcode as in .NET and Visual Studio. I have found many blogs that describe how to accomplish this. One good example was a post up at, which since then has been removed.

Until I get more comfortable with this, I will add references to shared folders on the file system. It’s not ideal, and removing files in the folder doesn’t sync well with the Xcode project, but at least I don’t have to have copies of the same files all over my various projects.