XOT-Uzg TV Streaming on your XBOX

I recently picked up my old, black beast from my basement, where it has lived in solitude since I bought my Wii. Since it is old and much has happened with the video game indistry since it came out, I don’t game on my XBOX anymore. I use it to play around with the XBOX MediaCenter software, instead. After upgrading XBMC to the latest version, a friend of mine told me about XOT-Uzg, which is a script that can be used to stream web TV.

After installing the script, I noticed how the wonders of the new world appeared before me…as XOT-Uzg let me stream TV shows from Swedish channels as well. Now, my 1 year old daugher is watching “In the Night Garden”, streaming from SVT Play on the XBOX. It is so smooth. If you have a chipped XBOX, try it out!

The only problems I have detected so far are:

  • You can not pause for too long, or XOT-Uzg loses its connection
  • You can not skip forward/back or fast-forward/backward

Also, make sure you are a paying customer of the TV services you decide to watch.