MagSafe toggles green/orange (part 2)

Jan 28, 2010 macos

I have some strange updates regarding the greeen/orange blinking MagSafe I wrote about yesterday, where the LED on the MagSafe toggles green/orange, even when the battery is fully loaded.

The battery worked great in a friend’s computer, and her MagSafe worked great in my MacBook! Yet, when I came home, the blinking re-appeared and continues with another MagSafe connector as well.

Strange times indeed, and they became even stranger.

Before going to bed yesterday (after reading about blinking and exploding MagSafe connectors for hours) I decided to install OS X upgrades. The upgrade notes said something about adjusting the computer for new hardware (strange) and then I shut it down for the night.

When I then started the computer this morning, the MagSafe no longer blinked! It actually seems to work! Either, my MagSafe connector is faulty and the other one I tried is broken as well (unlikely), or I just needed additional battery drivers. I don’t understand this, but as long as it’s fixed, I’m happy.

Update At 10:30 am, the MagSafe started blinking again. It seems like it doesn’t blink when I’ve had it disconnected for a while, which could be because the battery needs some extra charging, which takes a while. Since my neighbors’s MagSafe blinked with my computer and the battery is now replaced, the only thing that’s left is the computer…most probably the motherboard.