PHP magic quotes

About a year ago, I had problems when sending data to a PHP page, using AJAX. In order to be able to unpack the data, I had to use stripslashes, which does not seem good. However, since it worked, I let it be without further considerations.

Getting familiar with PHP 5.3.2

Since I’m no real PHP developer (just pretending) I have only now started to use PHP 5.3.2, although it was released quite long ago. The reason to this is that I have just installed Aptana Studio 2, which comes with PHP 5.3.2, so I guess it’s time to learn it.

A* implementation for XNA

I have recently been playing around with the XNA framework to get a grasp at how to develop games for the XBOX 360. It is great fun, but quite different from the development I usually do. So far, I have a game engine foundation, which lets me create generate missions from image/text file tuples, where the image determines the mission’s board and the text file describes the mission, emenies, goals etc.

XOT-Uzg TV Streaming on your XBOX

I recently picked up my old, black beast from my basement, where it has lived in solitude since I bought my Wii. Since it is old and much has happened with the video game indistry since it came out, I don’t game on my XBOX anymore. I use it to play around with the XBOX MediaCenter software, instead. After upgrading XBMC to the latest version, a friend of mine told me about XOT-Uzg, which is a script that can be used to stream web TV.