Show all files in Finder

A habit I’ve grown into as someone who spends 80% of his time awake in front of a computer, is to prefer seeing all files in a folder when I use Explorer or Finder. However, Explorer or Finder have grown into an equal habit of not showing me all files in a folder. So, how to bend them to our will?

Twitter vs Jaiku

I have been trying out Twitter and Jaiku (a couple of years too late). Since the two services basically do the same thing, I have evaluated which service that is the best fit for my needs. Keeping both accounts would just be a hassle, since I would have to keep both feeds going.

DataGridView SelectionChanged event behaves strange

In a project where I use the handy DataGridView control I, bind a data source to a grid view, then listen for the SelectionChanged event. When the event is fired, I enable or disable other controls according to the data that is contained in the grid. For instance, I disable a move down button if I have less than two items in the list, or if the selected row is the last one.